Where Can I Buy ProDentim

ProDentim is a probiotic supplement designed to support healthy teeth and gums and is being hailed as the most powerful gum and teeth restoring solution in the world.

To buy ProDentim, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars or burn a hole in your pocket. It is an affordable formula.

Remember to buy ProDentim from its official website only; it is not available at any third-party website. All websites selling ProDentim are selling fraud and poor-quality products.

Official Website ☛ prodentim.com

What is Prodentim?

The dietary supplement contains a blend of various probiotic strains. And each probiotic strain is backed by tons of clinical examinations. Basically, the main goal of the Prodentim supplement is to provide you with healthy gums and good oral health. It also decreases the impacts of toxins in teeth and gums.

Eventually, there will be abundant good bacteria in your mouth, and you will end up with strong teeth. The oral health supplement also recharges the mouth with beneficial microorganisms. Those beneficial bacteria will take on bad breath issues and keep your mouth fresh for a prolonged time.

Ingredients of Prodentim Probiotic Supplement

If you look at the product label, you will notice that each of the Prodentim capsules is filled with all-natural ingredients. But the real question is, what do the elements of the Prodentim formula offer? The ProDentim ingredients include Lactobacillus Paracasei, Lactobacillus Reuteri, B.lactis BL-04®, BLIS K-12 and BLIS M-18 as the probiotic strains, along with a proprietary blend of 5 plants and minerals; Inulin, Malic acid, Tricalcium Phosphate, Spearmint and Peppermint.

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Let’s take a closer look:

Lactobacillus Paracasei

This ingredient of the probiotic supplement supports the prosperity of your teeth and gums. It even helps to make your sinus stay free and open for a prolonged time.


If you have any idea about spearmint, you probably know it is a popular flavor ingredient for breath novelty. And in the Prodentim supplement, this ingredient helps to make you gain fresh breath.

Malic Acid

Each Prodentim bottle contains a hefty dose of malic acid. If you go through the professional product review website, you will find out that the ingredient is from strawberries. And the element is there to fight yellow teeth and regain the natural tooth color.

Dicalcium Phosphate

According to the official website, the dicalcium phosphate of this formula is there to maintain tooth prosperity.


Although the ingredient is not there on the supplement’s official website, the company proclaims to use an additional probiotic stain, BLIS K-12. And it is mainly there to support your immune system, help you get a sound mouth, and offer other oral health benefits.


A renowned type of fiber, inulin, is available in loads of stomach-related supplements. And the formula of this oral supplement also integrates this fiber to offer gut health benefits. According to the producer, the inulin of Prodentim is from chicory root, which makes it highly effective.

Lactobacillus Reuteri

This ingredient helps to uphold a strong mouth environment. It also focuses on oral infections, gum, and teeth health. It will fight the microorganisms that cause tooth decay and cavities in your teeth. The ingredient even holds the ability to improve gut health. And it can purportedly relieve you from irritable bowel syndrome.


Another flavoring ingredient that is in the proprietary blend is peppermint. It is a well-known element of oral hygiene. It will provide the right level of oral support and keep your breath fresh.


This probiotic strain will aid in the preservation of natural color. It also works on improving oral hygiene. Also, the strain removes the plaque microbes that cause contaminations. It even helps to remove the tartar from the surface of your teeth and improve your upper respiratory system.

B.Lactis BL-04

One of the common ingredients that are found in most immune health supplements is B.Lactis. It helps to gain optimal immune health, minimizes the antibiotic side effects, controls the gastroinstestinal process, and offers other benefits. Nonetheless, the primary goal of this ingredient is to improve your immune response.

How Does Prodentim Dental Supplement Work?

Ordinary dental items, which include mouthwash and toothpaste, can sometimes be loaded with harmful substances. Instead of offering healthy teeth, those ingredients can be injurious to your teeth and gum health. Some of the items even have a ton of artificial sugar in them. Those will eventually lead to tooth decay and oral cavity.

Furthermore, a lot of tooth issues occur because of using toothpaste with more fluoride. It can cause adverse effects on the tooth enamel and kill off the healthy bacteria. And let’s not forget that most dental items can not target the residues of sugary foods that lead to the mouth cavity.

You probably think that microscopic organisms are to blame for all medical conditions related to the mouth. But did you know that there is a large group of good microbes in your mouth? They are all working to keep you away from bleeding gums, bad breath, and mouth illness.

Well, Prodentim utilizes exactly those microbes to offer advanced oral benefits. In fact, the pills have a mix of 3.5 billion good and sound microorganisms that will establish a healthy balance in your mouth.

Now, when you have a good amount of acidogenic bacteria and other good microorganisms, dry mouth, teeth and gums issues, and lack of fresh breath will not be a thing you would need to worry about.


Benefits of Prodentim Supplement

Whether for digestive health, immune health, or anti-inflammatory benefits, your first instinct before buying a supplement should be to know about its benefits. Well, when you take this advanced oral supplement on a regular basis, you will enjoy these:

Works on the teeth and provides you with new breath
Offers shiny, solid, white teeth and allows you to smile with full confidence
Safeguards the gums and teeth while making you get sparkly teeth
Keeps the teeth and gums solid
Helps with the reclamation of oral stability
Its high cell reinforcement content will offer detoxification to your gums
Forestalls awful breath
Makes the yellowness of the teeth disappear

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Does Prodentim Have Any Side Effects?

The supplement is intended for all ages and ailments. All of the ingredients that are in this formula are gentle to the digestive tract, and they will not come in the way of the digestion process of essential nutrients. Also, the elements are tried for purity and guaranteed against impurities and poisons.

Additionally, Prodentim is manufactured in clean and hygienic environments. However, if you already have a medical condition on your teeth, we recommend showing the bottle to your primary care physician. Let the healthcare professional verify the usage. Follow the advice provided and take the formula properly.

Dosage Guidelines of Prodentim

Each of the Prodentim supplements will come with 30 chewable gummies. You will need to take one tablet per day to promote the soundness of your teeth and gum. A lot of the Prodentim reviews stated that you would see a noticeable difference within the first two to three weeks of use.

Well, the formula is highly potent. So, you should generally see the difference pretty soon. However, you should consistently use the formula for at least six months if you want to get ideal outcomes. Even other reviews of Prodentim do share customer concerns about how worthy this product is, but do conclude it to work very well given its stated purpose and health claims.

Now, if you have tooth sensitivity or other ailments, you must first counsel your doctor before starting the supplement. That will help you to get the maximum results out of the supplement and not face any side effects while using the formula.

Buy ProDentim

How Much Does ProDentim Cost?

The only way to buy ProDentim online is through the official website at ProDentim.com. There, you will find three affordable options to purchase the product directly from the manufacturer for the lowest price available while supplies last. Here are the options to buy the ProDentim oral probiotics supplement today:

1 Bottle = $69 per
3 Bottles = $59 per (total $177)
6 Bottles = $49 per (total $294)
3 & 6 Bottle orders get 2 FREE bonuses (Bad Breath Gone & Hollywood White Teeth At Home)
ALL orders have free shipping
ALL purchases carry a 100% Satisfaction 60-Day Money Back Guarantee
Frequently Asked Questions

How should I take the Prodentim supplement?

You will need to take one tablet once a day. For better digestion, drink a whole glass of water while you are taking the tablets. Also, we would suggest taking the table after brushing your teeth. It will allow the formula to dissolve properly in your mouth, eventually offering quick results.

Do I need to make lifestyle changes to get the full effects of Prodentim?

The formula of Prodentim is highly potent and powerful. It does not require you to take any steps to change your lifestyle. Also, you will not have to make any changes to your eating habits. However, we recommend brushing your teeth three times a day to aid the formula.

Are there any side effects associated with Prodentim?

Not really! If you follow the dosage guidelines properly, you should not face any side effects at all. However, if you have any health conditions, it would be better to consult with your doctor before taking the supplement.

Final Words

Now that all of the pertinent details are laid out above in this unique customer-based Prodentim review, consumers can see what all the fuss is about this oral probiotic supplement? So, does Prodentim work? Well, to conclude our Prodentim oral probiotic review, we would say that the formula actually works. And each of the positive Podentim review that you might have come across states the truth. So, if you want to enhance the health of your teeth, grab a bottle as soon as possible on the official ProDentim website at ProDentim.com!