ProDentim Canada : Update Reviews 2022

ProDentim Canada Reviews: Good oral health is a blessing for our beautiful smiles. However, we ruined its value with our negligence and lack of awareness. Oral health is not restricted to beautiful smiles or appearance but a lot more. Therefore, understanding and knowledge about dental health and its treatment are critical.

While investigating the prevalence of poor oral health among the population, researchers found a very interesting fact that dental problems are increasing with growing urbanisation and changing lifestyle patterns. Therefore, our knowledge and awareness are certainly questioned.

Statistics Matters
3.5 billion is not a small number, right? But according to the global burden of disease study 2019, it is the number of people suffering from poor oral health worldwide. Although according to the World health organization, most oral health problems can be largely preventable in earlier stages, the statistics are not impressive.

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Irrespective of age and health conditions, oral health can be detected across the population. WHO has presented that 2 billion adults are suffering from permanent dental caries. On the other hand, 520 million children have tooth decay in their primary teeth.

Explicitly considering the oral health condition among the American population, it has been observed that more than 25% of adults aged 20 to 44 suffer from severe dental caries.

In the Canada, the statistics are also very disappointing. When a survey on oral health was taken place in 2018, it was found that 27% of participants had tooth carries while more than half of participants were suffering from gingival or gum bleeding.

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Impact on Your Overall Health

ProDentim Canada

Usually, dental cavities are created as a result of poor oral hygiene and an unstable regime for dental treatment. Often the root cause of dental decay lies in our gut.

Dental issues must have been associated with different physiological systems as oral bacteria are spread throughout the human body. The microbiome of the gut is no exception.

The effect of a dysbiotic gut condition directly impacts the entire human body. We need to consume a good amount of probiotic components. Therefore, to balance good and bad bacteria in the gut environment.

Is There Any Solution?

You can get multiple supplements and tablets in the market for improving pro-biotin. But are all of them good for your gums also? No. That’s why we require a dietary supplement specially designed to improve our dental health by strengthening our digestive bacteria.

The specialty of ProDentim is its ingredients. While most oral medicines are targeted explicitly for more comprehensive and brighter teeth, ProDentim focuses on the daily nutrient for oral health. However, ProDentim is specially designed for better oral health and to improve the balance between good and bad bacteria.

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To discover more about this oral health supplement product, read this entire ProDentim review by scrolling down. We have covered the advantages, disadvantages, ingredients, hazards, and anything else you need to know before buying.

So before getting into how ProDentim works on oral health, we should look into why most dental issues are the root.

What Are The Causes Of Dental Problems?

Prodentim Dental Health

There are millions of reasons which cause poor oral health. Here we will discuss the main factors which cause dental problems.

1 Poor Oral Hygiene

Irregular brushing and closing are the fundamental reasons behind poor oral health. An excellent oral hygiene region can act as the defense of your teeth as these would not let plaques on your teeth surface or gaps. Acid-producing and other negative bacteria increase due to poor oral hygiene, leading to infections and issues like gum disease.

2 Foods

Food is related to every physiological component of our body. Therefore continuous consumption of dairy products, sugar, honey, dried fruits, cookies, candy, mints, cereal, chips, and soda have a tremendous negative impact on our teeth. These foods cannot be easily washed out by the saliva and cause faster decay than others.

3 Eating habits

In a sedentary lifestyle snacking and shipping sugar drinks are standard. These habits fuel acid-producing bacteria, which affect the quality of your teeth. As a result, they easily wear your pearly smile. On the other hand, consuming acidic or soda-rich drinks steadily can damage your teeth.

4 Lack of fluoride

Minerals are essential for our overall health as well as our dentures. Fluoride, one of the minerals, can prevent dental cavities and early-stage damage. Therefore the public water suppliers and toothpaste brands endorse fluoride content as their USPs.

But somehow, people do not get the fluids through different sources. For example, packaged drinking water bottles do not contain this mineral.

5 Smoking

Smoking can increase the risk of developing oral cancer, gum problems, or teeth loss. Heavy smokers tend to develop gown disease four to five times.

Smoking tobacco can reduce the oxygen level in your bloodstream and cause gum problems. Therefore, smokers are more prone to gum diseases and suffer longer during healing. Infected gums can cause bad breath, staining, swelling, tooth loss, and even oral cancer.

6 Age

In older adults, weak teeth and oral problems are expected due to different conditions like lack of calcium and minerals, the effect of diseases, or poor maintenance of oral hygiene. As a result, their teeth wear down, and gums recede.

On the other hand, dental cavities are prevalent among children and teenagers. If we investigate further, it will be observed that food habits and irregular oral hygiene are the main problems behind it.

7 Gastric Issues

Gastroesophageal reflux disease produces a high amount of stomach acid, which flows into our mouth. The balance of good and bad bacteria gets impacted through this acid reflux. The acidic reaction on our teeth wears animals away and causes severe damage. As a result, acid-producing bacteria attack the dentin of our teeth for more wear.

9 Location Or Structure Of Your Teeth

Surprisingly the location and the structure of your teeth can also cause decay. Especially molars and premolars have a lot of groups and crannies, which might cause plaque accumulation. In simple words, the uneven cards of these teeth make the food stuck. Therefore cleaning the frontal teeth are much easier than the molars and premolars.

In some cases, individuals with crooked teeth might also face similar issues in cleaning, and they cannot escape from having decayed teeth.

10 Genetics

Genes are the primary factor behind our denture structure. Therefore due to genetic predisposition, teeth may not be formed properly, or individuals might have less enamel composition and poor bacteria resistance.

11 Hormonal Changes

Due to hormonal fluctuation, women’s oral health can be compromised. Especially the surge of progesterone during the menstrual cycle enhances blood flow to the gums, which makes them more valuable. As a result, they experience oral problems like swollen gum, salivary gland, canker source development, and even bleeding.

12 Dry Mouth

This is a condition due to a lack of saliva. As saliva washes away the food particles and plaques from the surface of teeth, it maintains oral health. Additionally, saliva can counter the bacteria-produced acid, affecting your teeth’ quality.

Some medical conditions, specific medications, radiation, and chemotherapy, can increase the risk of dry mouth.

There are a few special conditions that can affect your oral health also.

13 Diabetes

Prolonged diabetes can cause high levels of blood sugar in your body. As a result, the amount of sugar gets higher in your saliva. After that, your oral cavity and saliva become the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

These bacteria use the sugar in your saliva as food and cause severe gum problems and oral issues. Increased production of bacteria damages your teeth’ enamel and makes them vulnerable to decay and cavities.

14 Some Medications

All drugs are not suitable for your oral health. For example, more than 400 medications can cause dry mouth or xerostomia. Antihistamines, antipsychotics, long inhalers, isotretinoin, and scopolamine cause dry mouth as a side effect. Seizure medications and blood pressure medications can induce gingival overgrowth. Some drugs that cure mouth sores or ulcers can harm oral health.

Moreover, frequently used medications like Aspirin, penicillin, and streptomycin can cause mouth soreness and lead to gum diseases.

Therefore, from now on, whenever you are taking a pill or getting injected, just check whether it is safe for your teeth or not.

Prodentim Ingredients

What Will Happen If You Ignore Your Dental Problems?

Apart from different oral health issues, you can get into other physiological complications if you don’t keep an eye on your teeth and gum problems. Hence, never feel ashamed to seek help for better oral health.

ProDentim increases the number of good bacteria in your saliva.
The pills are beneficial to give you better oral health and give you brighter and whiter teeth.
You’ll get rid of the bad breath issues.
Your gums will not get swollen after the use of this supplement.
The supplement is the best option for you if you’re looking for a short-term solution to your oral health problems.
ProDentim formula makes your teeth lamina stronger and resistant to wear and tear.
Oral health and your ear, nose, and throat defence systems are improved.
Chemical components were not used in the supplements; only the natural ingredients were added.
You’ll not get affected by the side effects of its ingredients.
These are easy-to-swallow capsules.
ProDentim comes with quality packaging and travel-friendly bottles.
Disadvantages of ProDentim

The efficiency of ProDentim may not be equal to every individual as every person has different types of physiological processes.
ProDentim ingredient can cause dry mouth if not properly consumed. Moreover, if the patients maintain hydration, the severity of dry mouth will be observed.
The supplements taste like herbs. Therefore, it would take 2-3 days for accustomed to the herbal taste of the supplements.
You can purchase the product only from official websites.
The supplements are limited in stock.
ProDentim might not be effective if you’ve severe oral health issues.

How Do Your Gut Problems And Oral Health Relate To Each Other?

The research shows that the condition of your mouth and gut are connected to each other. We sometimes ignore our oral health as we feel that our mouth is chewing the food. But you’re wrong! Your mouth is not the pipeline of the human digestive system but functions in that way to the outside world. On the other hand, your gut doesn’t only function for conveying what you eat and drink but protects your entire health.

We’ll be surprised to know that immunity can be established with the help of gut floras. Good bacteria and other organisms maintain the microbiome of our intestine. Therefore, these microflora and bacteria help our bodies digest food and produce different types of vitamins.

A low number of cavities, no gum disease, and absence of bad breath are the signs of good digestive systems. So, if you have excessive cavities in your mouth, your gut condition is not good. GERD is responsible for higher acid secretion in your body. As a result, the gut-mouth axis will experience higher acid reflux, and the level of acid in saliva will increase. If the acid level increases in your saliva, you should understand your gastric condition is not good.

On the other hand, an imbalance of good and bad bacteria in your saliva can affect the condition of the gut. As a result, peptic ulcers and intestine inflammation can be observed.

Natural components like probiotics, chicory root, and malic acid are the primary ingredients of the medicine. Therefore, it will assure you of no chemical-related side effects. But, high-quality probiotics have their benefits, which maintain oral health.

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The components of the ProDentim tablets maintain the good and bad bacteria balance in your mouth, especially in the saliva. As a result, the acid reflux will not affect the enamel of your teeth, and increasing the number of good bacteria will help to balance your saliva. But it will also support the digestive system.

As the supplement works on the digestive system and oral health, the gastrointestinal pathway becomes more healthy in individuals. The balance of good bacteria in the entire system supports the associated functionalities, which would reduce the acid secretion from your gut. Moreover, if somehow bad bacteria grow in your mouth, it will easily result from the protective digestive system.

Moreover, the supplement affects better sleep and a robust immune system. In some cases, the supplement will be able to reduce the stains on your teeth and strand their roots. You will instantly find an improvement in your breath after consuming the supplement regularly.

Ingredients of ProDentim

ProDentim ensures your white and brighter smile without any harmful chemicals. It repopulates good bacteria in your mouth with its all-natural components and vitamins. You can visit its official website to check its reliability and the nature of its ingredients. You can also find the names of active components on their level.

Why Is ProDentim Good For Elderly People Too?

ProDentim has been designed so that any adult can use it as a major of good oral health care. To get a better balance of good and bad bacteria, you should use mindful components to take care of your teeth. The super short formula of this supplement mixes with your saliva and produces wood bacteria, improving your oral hygiene. The toothpaste and mouthwash available on the market are not enough to take care of your teeth. Moreover, these are very detrimental to the gums and dentures of older adults.

The older ones require extra care and production for their vulnerable oral health. But, most kinds of toothpaste and mouthwashes contain sugar and other chemicals which are not good for an older adult’s health. Therefore, ProDentim is perfect for every person, even the age group above 50, as it contains natural pure, safe probiotics that are free from side effects.

However, this chewy candy would not make the older adults feel like their own medication. Therefore, their interest in oral health can be positively influenced by using this product. But we always recommend checking the medical condition before using this supplement, especially for older adults. Without consulting a doctor or your dentist, we would not recommend you to use this supplement regularly.

Price of ProDentim

ProDentim Canada price

Inequality for oral treatment is very high among the population. Unfortunately, in a country like the canada, 40% of adults from low-income and working-class families cannot afford dental treatment for cavities. Hence, the affordability of oral treatment in the country would certainly be questioned. On the contrary, in the UK, more than a quarter of the population struggles to afford dental treatments altogether. Moreover, 30% of the population felt pressure to pay private fees for dental treatment.

But the situation of dental treatment inequality will be over. People across any socioeconomic and demographic can get an affordable solution to their dental problems with ProDentim. Also, while opting for this supplement, you don’t have to think much to maintain oral health with a fancy dental care regime. So forget worries while taking care of your beautiful smile, as ProDentim is here to help you.

Do you believe that ProDentim costs less than a great meal? No right. But it’s true. Every file of ProDentim is affordable enough to amaze you. If you purchase a bottle within the limited discount period, you will also get it at a cheaper rate.

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